Teen Program

Almost Famous Theatre Company's Pre-Professional Teen Program is designed for teen students with a serious interest in theater arts, and who seek the discipline and training required for participation in a university theater program or a career in the performing arts.

The Pre-Professional Teen Program provides student performers the opportunity to immerse themselves in musical theater, contemporary scene work, monologues, and improvisational theater exercises that develop the crucial skills of building characters, heightening self-awareness, and exploring a wide emotional range. Students discover not only how to express themselves individually but also how to work as an ensemble, gaining valuable leadership skills and learning mutual respect. Students will be able to take their talent to the next level in this safe, supportive place to learn and grow in singing, dancing, acting, and stage performance.

The semester long program consists of comprehensive curriculum to help students prepare scenes, monologues, audition songs and dance combinations. Students will have the opportunity to perform a showcase of scene work, monologues and musical theater selections. The program culminates with a Broadway musical as part of Almost Famous Theatre Company’s May musicals.

The performances will be held at a professional theater venue. The Pre-Professional Teen Program admits a limited number of students into its program. This enables faculty and coaches to provide personalized feedback and assessments to help students develop and flourish on an individual basis. All students enrolled in the program will be eligible to participate in the May musical. Auditions for specific roles will be held during the first month of the semester.

Pre-professional teen participants who are unable to participate in the musical performance may enroll and attend the learning sessions from January through March for a monthly fee.

Upcoming Semester: January - May 2021