Laura Bottini

Laura Muñoz-Bottini

Laura is a California native from an enormous family so acting was a way of life if you wanted to make sure your voice was heard! Her proudest accomplishment will always be her marriage and being a mother to 3 precious young adults. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Psychology. After working in a mental institution and in corporate sales, she decided she had a wonderful grasp on many personalities and wanted to share a bit of her experience through story telling. Laura exemplifies that the only thing that stands between you and your dreams is you. So, when she made that decision to start a new career as an actress at 40 years old, she looked to the Garth and Jan Williams duo to get her started.

Laura loves life and people. She relishes in everyone she meets and views people as walking history books. She believes that through acting she can share her experiences by education, laughter or provoking thought. She has appeared in TV, film and commercials. Her career in theatre started with Almost Famous Theatre Company’s first production, I Hate Hamlet and carried on to perform in Always a Bridesmaid, and Laughing Stock She recently hosted a 12 part show on IGTV – #notsohardmoeny.

Laura splits her time between Southern California and Phoenix, AZ. When she prepares for her major auditions, she calls on JAG to coach and read with her. Love loves a good deal and they are a 2-for-1!

Alongside her passion to act, she loves gardening, cooking, travelling and volunteer work. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.