Adriane Blanco

Adriane Blanco headshot

Adriane Blanco began acting with Almost Famous Theatre Company debuting as Henry Mills in “Laughing Stock” in 2014. Since then he has played Joe in “9 to 5”, Herbie in “Gypsy”, Inspector Andre Thibault in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, and his favorite role of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in “Young Frankenstein”. He was also working on the role of Harry Bright for “Mamma Mia!” until the show was put on hiatus due to COVID-19.

Adriane enjoys acting because it allows him to spend a day in someone else’s shoes. He loves roles where he can get fully immersed in the character and allow people to believe the character is his true personality for a time, but also how much he can learn about himself through each character. As Inspector Andre, people actually thought he was French, though he knows nothing of the language and as “Dr. Fronk-en-steen”, he was believably insane in the brain… possibly a bit too believable. Also important to Adriane is being able to help people forget about their worries for a couple of hours and just laugh and cry as they connect with the story - that makes the work completely worth it.

The role of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein also gave Adriane the opportunity to learn to tap dance, while also acting through singing, his true forte. Adriane sings with the ability to tell the story and message of the song and help you feel immersed in it. Adriane grew up in the Phoenix Boys Choir, was the winner of a local “Idol” singing competition, plays several instruments, and has written and recorded dozens of songs.

Adriane and his wife Catherine have four children and they produce plays and musicals for kids in their community. Adriane is also a Black Belt in Kung Fu and the Worship Pastor of his church.